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Description : (Reality) ABC, Jeopardy!'s network of record, agreed to do a summer replacement called Super Jeopardy!. The winners of previous Tournaments from 1986-1990 were invited back. Super Jeopardy! varied from its… More five-day-a-week parent in one respect: In the quarterfinal matches, four players took part, while the semifinal and final matches had three players as usual. Correct questions gave the contestants points, rather than dollars. The Jeopardy! round values were from 200 to 1000 points (double the dollar values of the contemporary show, although today's Jeopardy! round uses the $200-$1000 range). Double Jeopardy! round values ranged from 500 to 2500 points (very close to the current show's Double Jeopardy! values of $400-$2000). The winner of the tournament took home $250,000. Since no one has alerted us as to who the Super Jeopardy! tournament winner was, that can safely be made a subject of suspense. (Of course, it must not have been Chuck Forrest, or we'd have heard about it in his 1992 book Secrets of the Jeopardy! Champions.)

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