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Description : (Reality) Currently airs on: GSN: Thursdays at 10:00 pm Brooke Burns of Baywatch hosts this weekly one-hour, prime-time, in-studio game show from the producer of NBC's hit Fear Factor and the producer of Weakest Link that combines extreme stunts and outrageous… More dares with smarts and strategy. The six players first spend a day undergoing various tests of intellect and brawn to judge each others' strengths and weaknesses. The next day, they gather on the elaborate stage to see if the "top dog" will walk away with $25,000 or if the other five players will split that amount amongst themselves. Rules of the game: At the beginning, 6 players go to a training camp one day before playing the game to judge each other's strengths and weaknesses. The next day, they put it to the test: Brooke will show a stunt, and the players vote for the least likely to complete it. The player with the most votes does the stunt. If it is incomplete, the player is sent off to the Dog pound where 4 others will be sent off as well. If the player completes the stunt, that player can send another player to the Dog pound. This goes on until there are 2 players left, in which those 2 go on a head to head competition. The loser goes to the Dog pound, The player who wins gets to be the Top Dog. But it's not over, as the Top Dog will test the Dog Pound's mental abilities - Brooke will show a question category, the Top Dog selects a player who he or she thinks can not answer the question correctly. Once that player is selected, the same player can not be selected again. If the Dog Pound player answers correctly, the Dog Pound earns one point. If incorrect, the Top Dog gets one point. It goes on until Top Dog or Dog Pound gets 3 points. If Top Dog gets 3 points, the $25 000 cash prize is won. If the Dog Pound gets 3 points, the cash prize is divided among the Dog Pound. The first season aired on Monday nights, while the second was broadcast on Tuesdays.

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